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The Breastfriend that'll support, encourage & beautify your breastfeeding journey!
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Self Love aka ME Time !

     Okay so it’s nothing special but it’s something simple that can be done, it’s making a sacrifice. Of course we’re ALWAYS making sacrifices as a mother especially for our children, but do we ever really make sacrifices for ourselves?? Not sacrifices as far as buying nice clothes, purses, lashes, makeup etc. but sacrifices to rejuvenate ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. Let me tell y’all, I just gave myself the best Self Love I had in awhile! I told myself last year I will dedicate more time for SELF even if I have to make sacrifices (you’d think I’d be use to it) but it can become a tiring task to do so. While I’ve admittedly been slacking...on this beautiful Saturday morning, I decided to get up early instead of falling back asleep to get some ME time in because I deserved it, it was overdue, and plus ya girl was going through it last night with cramps.

     First thing I did was pray over myself, my family, friends, future husband, and my year of greatness. I then started to read my Bible. I read (Psalm 121) something that was inspirational, relatable, and I was able to learn from it. After my time with God, I went over some affirmations I made and read them out loud (because manifesting should be done verbally) as well as just in writing. (I’ll share my affirmations separately) My journal writing was next to give me some extra pep, plus more inspiration to strive for my day. My kids were surprisingly still sleep so guess what I did!? I crept out, took a nice relaxing bath with my Dr Teals Epsom Salt (Deep Marine Sea Kelp Mineral Soak) and my lovely scented candle Soothing Mint & Lily. Y’all I slid in that tub so fast, relaxed myself and restarted reading a  good book called Kingdom Woman. At this point I’m feeling myself because a good hour and a half went by with the kids still sleeping so I went a little further and exfoliated my body with some scrubsbyKeKe (black owned business). When I tell y’all I’m feeling like a nice glistening Hawaiian Sweet Roll that’s been lightly toasted. I feel GOODT, ya heard!?

     I wanted to share this because WE as in mothers need time to ourselves and it is possible..but the thing is it’s another sacrifice to add. It’s soooooo worth it though mama I promise! You’ll feel better spiritually, mentally, and physically! Don’t believe me?, try it for yourself! Let the kids go to bed late on a Friday night let them run themselves tired so they can sleep in on Saturday morning, & you can get some time in for YOURSELF! I can’t stress this enough (sadly I didn’t learn until 2 kids later), ME time is crucial and important. Best of luck to you! ❤️

  • jprickvaam on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Mom on

    ❤️ great thoughts!

  • Theresa on

    This is so true!! I definitely want to dedicate my time to myself this year. One thing I want to do is dance more! Lol it always helps me to have fun and feel free😊 I’m definitely practicing journaling and saying affirmations out loud daily as well.

  • Chamille on

    That was my vow to myself this year was to think about me sometimes I started in December with getting my nails done 💅 I’m always putting myself on the back burner I love my son but momma need time to herself 😘 Love you Cuz!

  • Chanel on

    After 10 years of being a single parent to 2 kids, I still haven’t learned to take time for myself. I know I need too so I’m going to try and do better this year. Thanks for this! :)

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